Friday, December 26, 2008

A Photo with Santa

Last week, my daughter begged and begged for me to take her to see Santa at the mall. I think she knows that the mall Santa is not the real thing - although this man was very kind and convincing. He took so much time with each child - thus the 45 minute wait that we patiently endured to see him. I love this little moment between the two of them. I asked my daughter what she was saying to him then. She said she was asking for a tunnel from our house to her best friend's house. Santa said that might be a tough one - but he'd see what he could do. As it turns out, Santa couldn't deliver that gift - so I guess it is a good thing that my daughter's best pal lives right next door. :)


Angie Griffith said...

OH Karen precious photo! I received your card today! Amazing!!! I love your website as well!!! Great job Karen!!!

Mary said...

Gorgeous photo. Love her request from Santa too. Kids can come up with the most interesting things.