Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Gassy Gooma - Spring 2009 Photos

Don't chase the photographer with a TOAD!!

This little guy is so cute - but totally full of mischief. He chased me around this shoot with his toad!!!

The last shot is his beautiful older sister, Miss H. These two are the children of a photographer friend of mine.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stylin' Holiday Designs from The Pink Lemon Girl


Believe it or not, in the boutique world the holiday selling season is beginning. Miss K recently modeled two fun holiday sets by Maria - ebay ID the*pink*lemon*girl. Her things are amazing - and more importantly - your kids will LOVE to wear them. Maria is a talented designer with a fashion forward eye. I know our closets would never be complete without her creations.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Flowers...

The time is growing short...soon my babies will be back at school. As much as I know they need to go - somehow - I just don't want to let them.

I so love having them here with me - and although it isn't always idyllic - I do cherish these days with them.

I know that they are getting stronger and smarter - and they need that. But somehow - when I go to sleep at night - I can't help but remind myself that I'm now one day closer to the day that they pull out of the driveway and head off to more day with them - gone.

So - right now we have four precious days left before school begins...four more glorious days with my little ones.

Time to move on...

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank Goodness - The HILLS is back!!!!

Finally!!! It's been a long summer of waiting - but YAY - the Hills is back on MTV! Yes, I am a huge fan of this show about high drama in Hollywood. It's my secret (well, not anymore) vice. :) I was hooked a while back after watching a season 2 marathon one winter Saturday!

Over the summer, I actually made my husband sit down with me and watch seasons 1 -3. Now he is hooked too!

Okay - it's mindless staged drivel - to be sure - but who wouldn't want to have LC or Whitney's life style!?

So - here we go with season 4! And if you too are a fan - you have to ask yourself - are you in Camp Audrina or Camp Lo? Wow - talk about pondering an important question....!!! :)

And- how about Heidi and Spencer? I can't believe she didn't lose her job at Bolthouse after not showing up that day in Vegas! I swear that girl has some very good luck - or maybe it's her looks - or the fact that the show brings tons of publicity to Bolthouse!!! Ya think?? LOL.

But the true question is - with as famous as these girls have become - does LC really and truly have time to work at People's Revolution?? Does Adurina really work at Epic? Is Hedi really working at Bolthouse?? I do think Whitney is really striving for a career in fashion - but the others - well - I think the scenes become more staged with every season.

But that's okay - I still love the fashion and the fun.

Welcome back to The Hills!!!